Introducing a New Member to the SEADS Team!

Hi everyone!

Here’s just a quick note to announce something you may or may not have heard around campus already…  This fall, Bryn Mawr welcomed a new Chief Information Officer & Director of Libraries to their Information Services team, Gina Siesing.  This also means that SEADS gained a new member, as well!  Gina has been working closely with Joe Spadaro and Spencer Golden, among others of the Bi-Co membership, these past two and a half months to get up to speed on everything we’ve been accomplishing – and everything we’re still looking forward to and planning.  We are so glad to have her with us…when you’re in Canaday Library, be sure to stop by and welcome her!

–Courtney, SEADS Project Coordinator

Looking Ahead

As the weather cools down (finally!), SEADS is wrapping up Phase 1 and warming up for Phase 2!

A final feature of the OneCard Project is planned for implementation over Winter Break, and the Bi-Co community can definitely look forward to this.  Everyone knows how hard it is to keep track of usernames and passwords for all the different accounts you have to keep track of in day-to-day life, and for a few months, we asked you to maintain a separate combination for your GET Funds accounts, in addition to the credentials you use to sign into BIONIC, Moodle, and other College resources.

In January 2014, however, all of this will be streamlined: you’ll be able to use the credentials for GET Funds that you currently use to access your campus email!  Then, whenever you change your password, you won’t have to worry about resetting it in more than the one place (Bi-Co password management) you’re already used to.  How’s that for seamless services?

Along with the new semester and OneCard feature, SEADS will also begin Phase 2 in January.  Just like Phase 1, this will entail several simultaneous projects that will impact both Colleges – and need the support of the entire Bi-Co community.  One of these projects will be the second phase of the Identity Management Project, the first chapter of which you heard about this past year.  In addition to this, there are still wholly untouched challenges (and successes!) to look forward to!  These include projects dealing with streamlining room and event scheduling across both campuses (SUPER helpful), and “mobility” – a project with objectives to progress the accessibility of the Colleges’ online resources for mobile devices.  Decisions about what Phase 2 will encompass are being made this month – so stay tuned for more details!

–Courtney, SEADS Project Coordinator

Looking Back

Hi everyone!

Apologies for not getting more news to you via blog lately!  Rest assured, though, that the SEADS team has been hard at work making sure your experiences are as seamless as possible.  😉  Now, let’s talk about it!

This fall semester, almost at a close now, has been an exciting time for SEADS.  There have been changes to the way you do things, for all members of both the Bryn Mawr and Haverford communities.  Over the past few months, you’ve probably noticed a number of changes to your Bi-Co experience.  Whether you’re a student, staff, or faculty member of the community, everyone has now experienced the new BIONIC installation.  We’ve even already completed registration (Fall 2013) and pre-registration (Spring 2014) processes – and they were huge successes!  We’re very excited and proud about these, and grateful for all the feedback we’ve gotten along the way.  In fact, we’ve continued making tweaks as we’ve received this feedback so that BIONIC can best serve its users, so registration in the Spring should be smoother than ever!  Hurrah!

The OneCard Project has brought all sorts of new features to campus, too!  With installations continuing all semester, through this very week, there are more locations than ever before where you can use your OneCard to make purchases and pay bills.  Along with being able to use your OneCard at, for example, dining locations at either campus now, now you can even use it in vending machines!  Other spaces where your OneCard is newly useful include the Canaday and Magill Libraries, the Campus Safety Offices at both campuses, the health centers, Post Office and Mail Center, and campus bookstores! And perhaps most exciting of all is the new feature that allows parents and friends to add money to your OneCard, as well!  NICE.  Remember to keep sending in suggestions and requests!  Feedback is always welcome and we’re here to work together to benefit everyone.

A ton of other, less visible work has been accomplished, as well, and it’s only been done with an enormous effort from an extremely dedicated team.  Thank you to them, and to the entire Bi-Co community, for the unflagging efforts and support.  Keep up the great work!

–Courtney, SEADS Project Coordinator

BIONIC is Live!


It is our pleasure to announce that we’ve reached a significant milestone in the SEADS initiative.

Introducing BIONIC

BIONIC is the new Bi-College Online Information Center where faculty, students and applicable staff can log in for what will be a growing list of services.  Visit or to give it a try.  For fall 2013,

Students can:

  • Browse a Bi-Co course catalog
  • Register for classes at Bryn Mawr and Haverford
  • View unofficial transcripts and grade information
  • Update emergency contact information

Faculty can:

  • View teaching schedule
  • View transcript and degree information for advisees from both colleges
  • View real-time enrollments for courses taught at both colleges
  • Submit grades

SEamless ADministrative Services:  Improving the way administrative services are delivered to the Bi-College community

Haverford and Bryn Mawr now share a single online catalog and course registration system.  Advisors will have access to students’ course and major information during course selection, regardless of home campus.

As we continue to move forward, we recognize the community effort it takes to create the change envisioned by SEADS.  New solutions often mean new ways of doing things, affecting many individuals’ day-to-day activities.  SEADS team members will continue to look to the community for guidance, and for help thinking of innovative ways to approach problems.

Thank you for your patience both during this stage of the rollout, and during the coming weeks as we work to improve our systems. Also, our collective congratulations to the many members of the Haverford and Bryn Mawr communities who have worked incredibly hard to bring us to this moment. The integration of these types of systems is unprecedented and we look forward to continuing our successful SEADS collaboration.

BIONIC Goes Live 7/31


As announced on July 8th, BIONIC goes live on July 31st, 2013!

Beginning at 5pm on Friday, July 26th and lasting through Tuesday, July 30th, we will be making major changes to the student systems at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges. During this time, Virtual Bryn Mawr will be unavailable, and some of Haverford’s HavIT functionality will be limited.

On Wednesday, July 31st, Bi-Co community members will have the ability to log into BIONIC, the new Bi-College Online Information Center.

For Haverford community members, BIONIC will provide a number of new and enhanced features that are not available in HavIT.  Bryn Mawr community members will use BIONIC for everything they previously did in Virtual Bryn Mawr, with some significant improvements for faculty and students.

Among other features, Bi-College community members will use BIONIC to:

  • Browse a combined course catalog
  • Students can register for classes at both campuses and check class schedules
  • Students can update emergency contacts
  • Faculty can update catalog information about courses and view their enrollments
  • Faculty can enter grades
  • View transcript and degree audit information

This marks a significant milestone for the SEADS initiative.  Thank you for your patience both during this stage of the rollout, and with us during any bumps in the road immediately following Go Live on 7/31.

Please contact Bryn Mawr’s Help Desk or Haverford’s ProDesk with any questions.

OneCard: How to Add Funds

As previously announced, we’ve significantly improved the versatility of OneCard and are pleased to report that you can now use your card for purchases at Bryn Mawr AND Haverford College dining halls, cafes, bookstores and more.

With these improvements comes a new system for adding funds to your card.  To add funds, follow the GET Funds link from the OneCard website.

Create an account using an email address and password of your choice. There are a couple of specifics to remember when creating this account:

When asked for your “ID Number”:

  • Haverford Faculty/Staff use: 9999xxxxx (example: 999912345)
  • Haverford Students use: 888xxxxxx (example: 888123456)
  • Bryn Mawr all use: 00xxxxxxx (example: 000123456)

When asked for your first and last name, enter them exactly as they’re printed on your OneCard.

You’ll receive an email from the “CBORD System” with the subject line “GET – Registration Confirmation”. Follow the link in the email to verify your account.

Further Information:

If you already had money on your OneCard, it has been transferred to the new system and is still available for use.

When we announced these changes earlier this summer, we indicated that later in the summer you would be able to log in to GET Funds with the same username and password you use to log into email, etc.  This part of the project has been delayed.  We recognize this is a significant convenience for managing your OneCard, and it is our intent to provide this functionality shortly.  We will update you with new information as it becomes available.

This system is very new to our campuses, and you may notice a few minor changes to its look and feel as we continue to make improvements.

Questions? Email or

BIONIC Bi-Co Online Information Center Goes Live 7/31


Beginning at 5pm on Friday, July 26th and lasting through Tuesday, July 30th, we will be making major changes to the student systems at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges. During this time, Virtual Bryn Mawr will be unavailable, and Haverford’s HavIT functionality will be significantly limited.

On Wednesday, July 31st, Bi-Co community members will have the ability to log into BIONIC, the new Bi-Co Online Information Center.  Students at both colleges will use BIONIC to browse a combined course catalog and register for classes in the fall.

Virtual Bryn Mawr will be re-branded as BIONIC and additional functionality will be available. For Haverford community members, BIONIC will provide a number of new and enhanced features.  Watch this space for further details.

OneCard: Make Departmental Purchases on Both Campuses!

As previously announced, Haverford and Bryn Mawr have made a number of recent improvements to the OneCard system making it easier to purchase goods and services.

Departmental OneCards can now be used to make purchases at both campuses!  This is an entirely new program for Haverford employees, and expansion to the program Bryn Mawr employees have been using for several years.

To request a Departmental OneCard,

Your card(s) will be available in 3 to 5 business days – you’ll be notified when it’s ready for pick-up at Cartref (Bryn Mawr) or The Coop (Haverford).  The requestor or person responsible for the account will need to be present to sign for the card.

For further information, see the OneCard website:

Proofpoint Emails Sent in Error

We recently met a major milestone in the SEADS project and are pleased to report that last weekend’s work has successfully prepared us to move forward with significant improvements to Bi-Co registration for this fall.

While by and large we have not experienced any significant issues as a result of the changes made to account creation processes, we are aware that many Bi-Co community members are receiving blank emails from Bryn Mawr’s spam management service, Proofpoint.

These emails have been sent in error, and will stop as soon as the vendor is able to resolve the issue with us. In the meantime, please disregard these messages.

If you have any questions, please contact Bryn Mawr’s Help Desk (, 610-526-7440) or Haverford’s ProDesk (, 610-896-1480).

Identity Management Milestone, June 21st

On Friday, June 21st we will be making significant behind-the-scenes changes to several key administrative systems. In particular, Bryn Mawr is changing the way community member accounts are created and processed in preparation for more visible changes scheduled for late July (including Bi-Co registration).

For further information how this work may affect members of the Bryn Mawr community on June 21st and the following week, please see the Information Services Blog.